Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mother-Ease Cloth Diaper #Review

Mother Ease Cloth Diapers

Mother-ease Cloth Diaper online store carries a variety of cloth diapers. Which I love because you have a lot of styles to pick from. Mother-ease Cloth Diaper has been manufacturing leak free cloth diaper systems since 1991. All Mother-ease Cloth Diapers are made in Canada. I LOVE that the Mother-ease Cloth Diaper website has a forum that you can go and exchange information. AWESOME! Right?

For my review I was sent 2 One Size System..
2 One Size Unbleached Cotton Terry fabric
2 Rikki Wrap Cover in Pink
2 Snap in Absorbent Liner Unbleached Cotton Terry fabric 

Since I received my Mother-ease Cloth Diaper system. They have been wash a lot and still look like the first time I put them on. Mother-ease Cloth Diaper One Size Unbleached Cotton Terry fabric, fits both girls snug, good and they still have room to grow in them (really worth the money). The Rikki Cover was hard for my girls to keep it on and hot for them. It has Velcro instead of snap in buttons. But I must admit when they did mange to keep it on, it didn't leak at all (not even at night). I do how ever think that I might want to try another wrap (like the Air Flow Cover) with my girls. The Air Flow Cover seems to be harder to take off and more breathable.

I'm all for being more eco friendly. Plus disposable diapers contain traces of bleach along with toxic chemicals. Chemicals found in disposables diapers have been known to cause all kind of allergic reactions. Cloth diapering also does save you a lot of money.

If you would like to purchase Mother-ease Cloth Diapers head on over.

Disclaimer: This post consists of my opinions ONLY. No compensation was given for this review. I did receive a free product from the sponsor to use and test for the purposes of this review.Your experiences may be different.


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