Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It Works Wrap #Review

I am sure you have heard the buzz about these wraps and how you can lose inches in just a few hours. The wraps can be worn anywhere on the body except the face. The company sells special facial applicators.  Results can last for about two - six months depending on how healthy your life style is.  Price varies depending on what package would be best for you. The wraps are $25 each or you can become a loyal customer and pay $59 for a box of 4 wraps! If you are interested in becoming a loyal customer, email klassywraps@yahoo.com. I've had the opportunity to try one out for myself. The first thing I did before putting on the wrap was measure my belly and mark the spot where I measured it, for when I take off the wrap to measure myself again. The wrap itself was very easy to apply on my skin and mess free. It took me about one minute to put on. However, you have to wear tight fitting clothes, so that the wrap doesn't slide off and stays in place. The wrap felt cold on, but it did feel good. I did light excise while wearing it and also drank a lot of water for two days after the wrap. Unfortunately, when I took of the wrap I didn't lose anything. I waited a few days measure myself again a nothing. I was told that I might have more toxics than I thought and I might need to wrap more to see results. However, the first time Courtney (the independent seller) used the Ultimate Body Wrap, she lost 3 inches. So far she has lost 8 inches in 2 months.

Disclaimer: This post consists of my opinions ONLY. No compensation was given for this review. I did receive a free product from the sponsor to use and test for the purposes of this review. Your experiences may be different


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