Thursday, March 1, 2012

Litter-Robot II Bubble #Review

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As some of you may already know, Mr. Wrong came home with a stray kitten. The girls became super attached to her. So Mr. Wrong and I decided to keep her. The Drama Queen named her Missy Missy. I've had the amazing opportunity to review this super awesome product (Litter-Robot II Bubble). I LOVE our Litter-Robot! When it arrived, I waited a few hours before using it like it states on the instructions. The Litter-Robot is pretty big. Mr. Wrong set it up in like seven minutes and had it ready for Missy Missy to use. It was super simple to assemble and the instruction where easy to understand. Mr. Wrong spent about an hour playing around and trying to figure out how the Litter-Robot works. Honestly, I really thought that Missy Missy was going to be scared of the Litter -Robot and not use it. Mr. Wrong and I agreed to place her in it and see what she would do, of course she ran right out of it. We then left her Litter box which she had been using for about a week or so and plugged up the Litter-Robot next to it. The next morning, I notice she did use the Litter-Robot once. I then took her old litter box out of the bathroom and left the Litter-Robot where her old box was. Missy Missy uses her Litter-Robot everyday now. And I've been free from the chore of scooping poop and pee (smile). 

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Bubble Unit $359.99

I’ve also notice that it doesn’t stink up my bathroom as much, as the litter box did at times. I really like the bubble in the back of the Litter-Robot (it’s like a little window). It’s GREAT for people with more than one cat, because it gives the cats more room. I am super satisfied with this product and their customer service. I would totally recommend the Litter-Robot to all the crazy cat ladies and anyone else that owns a cat.

The Litter-Robot II Bubble came with-
·         Lip Extender
·         Power Supply
·         Globe
·         Base
·         A few Drawer Liners

Check out how easy it is to fill !

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Disclaimer: This post consists of my opinions ONLY. No compensation was given for this review. I did receive a free product from the sponsor to use and test for the purposes of this review. Your experiences may be different.


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