Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I See Me (My Very Own Fairy Tale) Personalized book #Review

I've had the amazing opportunity to work with this marvelous company I See Me once again. I See Me offers personalize books and gifts for children. I was sent My Very Own Fairy Tale book to review. This book was perfect for my 9 year old daughter. She was able to read the book on her own with no trouble. The book spells out her name letter by letter and rhymes with each fairy. Every letter has something positive to say about your little fairy princess. There are also little tiny fairies hiding in every picture page. We had fun trying to find each of tiny fairies and even the twins enjoyed looking for them as well.  My Very Own Fairy Tale is from ages 0-12 year old. At the end of the book they crown your child fairy princess. 

My Very Own Fairy Tale book is a hard cover book and its 9" x 11" in size. The drama Queen is very satisfied and happy with her book, which is made especially for her. My Drama Queen doesn’t have a very common name and my times I have such a hard time finding her personalize gifts with her name on them. If your child is like my Drama Queen and doesn’t have a common name, I See Me is where you want to go and find the perfect personalize gift for your child with their name on it. The book would make an excellent Easter gift, but would really work for any occasion. I am very satisfied with this company and their books. I would recommend them to everyone. If you would like to read my review on an I See Me book personalize for twins.
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Disclaimer: This post consists of my opinions ONLY. No compensation was given for this review. I did receive a free product from the sponsor to use and test for the purposes of this review. Your experiences may be different.


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